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------- BIO ------

Xpurt was born in San jose california and at the age of 9 moved to Folsom California, a city next to sacremento.

There, Warren first started to enjoy music at the age of 11 where he wrote his own R/B lyrics and also wrote alot of poetry.

Xpurt (AKA) Warren A. Thompson grew up in the church. " Ever since I can remember my moms allways had me in church every sunday and even sometimes on wednesday bible studies, I at first didnt like doing it but as I got older it became a regular event." Xpurt was introduced into the rap game when he first heard Gospil Emcee's. At the church he went to in Sacrmento he allways had an ear out for emcees that would do postive music.

As time went on Xpurt resides in California where he makes beats/engineers and ofcource is an artist for a local label he is with.